Head of Technical Organisation (HTO) & Founder

Hamid is the founder & Head of Technical for Bionica and guiding the team since its inception with extensive knowledge and experience of general aviation aircraft. He is an aviation fanatic with details for safety and airworthiness. He has developed outstanding aircraft fault diagnosis and problem-solving skills in the MRO industry, where he applied EASA and other regulatory obligations to maintain quality and validation. He plays an active part in preparing future aircraft maintenance engineers through college and industry apprenticeship frameworks.   He has practical experience with a wide range of GA aircraft to large aircraft as certifying engineer, involving routine inspection, repairs, modification, and C of A renewal checks and have worked with CAA UK regarding the airworthiness of the aircraft to certificate of release to service (CRS) and Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC).  He has worked with MRO and EASA Part 147 approved training organizations and currently working as a course leader at FE College in the UK.   Hamid has a keen interest in aircraft design and flight testing, starting with gliders, RC aircraft and UAVs. Also, with vast knowledge of GA aircraft operation, he has observed the stagnation of GA aircraft industry which has inspired him to break the traditional mould of GA aircraft and pursue his goals with Bionica.  He is competent and enjoys working with scale prototypes and wind tunnel testing and analysis.


Airworthiness, Certification, Flight Test, Mechanical Design, MSG3 and Documentation


B Eng (Hon`s) Air Transport Engineering and Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance


• EASA Part 21 (design organization and certification) • All EASA Part 66 modules for B1 • Human Factor Part 145 • EASA Part 66 & Part147 – EC2042/2003 – Air legislation • Part 147 approved instructor • Diploma in Teaching in the lifelong learning sector (L5) • Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (L3) • EWIS – Familiarisation • PG Certificate in Education (1st part only) • CAA UK “A&C” (Licensed Engineer)