A Deep-Tech Start-up

At Bionica Aircraft, we are an innovative aviation startup dedicated to revolutionizing the General Aviation (GA) aircraft industry. Our cutting-edge innovations and visionary approach are reshaping the skies, introducing futuristic aircraft designs that merge efficiency, sustainability, and unparalleled performance. Bionica’s ‘Exordium M1’ is a patented configurable SMART aircraft (eight seats) designed for multipurpose applications including emergency cargo transport, air ambulance services, search and rescue missions, passenger carrier, and operating as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). With low operational and accusation costs, advanced safety features (such as anti-spin, parachute, terrain avoidance system, box wing, collision avoidance system, intelligent control, etc.), making it an appealing choice for both emerging and developed economies.

Family Holiday and Touring

Bionica is an ideal mode of transport for a family holiday and touring with capacity 1+6 passengers with ample range and baggage capacity. The ease of piloting and safety features make it convenient and free from commercial airlines and airports.

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Business Executive Demand

The smart cabin architecture allows comfort and secure working space while commuting from GA airfield to the city airport with a fraction of the cost and time compared with other modes of transport. The business executives demand security, comfort and safety, our integrated advanced man-machine interface caters for such requirements.

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Emergency Rescue

Bionica operates from land and water without any ground support which makes it ideal for rescue, firefighting and providing emergency communication and reconnaissance platform after a natural disaster, can also be configurable to unmanned version.

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Easy to Transport

The voluminous and easy-to-configure cabin space with an approximate load capacity of 1000kg makes it an ideal candidate for high priority, perishable goods and secure cargo transport from source to market reducing time and cost.

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Low-cost Air Ambulance

Bionica plays an important role in a low-cost air ambulance for transporting patients from rural and remote areas to a metropolitan city. Also, transporting paramedics and organs to the patients. The Bionica is able to accommodate two patients in stretcher beds with medical support equipment and medical attendants.

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Train Future Aviator

The state of art flight safety enhancement and avionics makes it easier, cost-efficient and reliable platform to train future aviator from amateur PPL to professional CPL, with configurable cockpit avionics and flight characteristics. Also, with unique amphibious capability makes it an ideal trainer for land and water operations with reduced DOC.

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Bionica M1

Company Mission

Innovation for the configurable smart and safe platform with human-centred design (HCD) and making the people’s aircraft (VF)

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Company Vision

Coupling technologies to ensure harmonised interface between the systems and users. Connect micro-economy to the global network Low-cost sustainable production and operation

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Meet the team

We are a group of likeminded inventors, who have discovered unique set of challenges posed by lack of innovation and acceptance of GA aircraft in emerging economies? Thereby, we are sailing together toward our scientific endeavour to achieve our common goal. Our team consist of brilliant- Engineers and Academics from Europe and Asia.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder

Head of Technical Organisation (HTO) & Founder

Head of Innovation & Business Development

Chief Verification Officer (CVO)