Chief Systems Architect (CSA)

Sabine is the Chief Systems Architect at Bionica. She is passionate and enthusiastic about Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPS) and Digital Twins (DT). She has an excellent analytical capability for finding scientific solutions. She brings competency through her vast experiences and with tact she can be pragmatic to solve multifacet engineering problems.

She has worked with the Technical University of Vienna (TU Vienna) for Model-based systems development. She has also worked with TU Vienna as a  research assistant for contraction technology by applying building physics methodology. She has extensive experience in production systems development in the light of industry 4.0.

Sabine is interested in business informatics and its application in smart transport systems. She plays a strong link to bridge different engineering domains in interdisciplinary product development. She also shares a common set of goals with Bionica’s Smart GA aircraft mission.


Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPS) and Digital Twins (DT), Building physics and Model-Based Development (MBD


MSc. Business Informatics (PhD Candidate)


• Systems Architecting • UML & SysML Modeling • Model Engineering • Digital Forensics and Preservation • International Trade Theory • Programming Languages • Software Integration