What type of aircraft does your company produce?

This SMART amphibious aircraft is designed with versatile configurations to accommodate 8 passengers (including pilot), offering flexibility in interior layout. Passengers or cargo can be accommodated based on mission requirements.

What are the key features of your aircraft?

The patented “Bionica Exordium M1” epitomizes a seamless fusion of functionality and versatility. Its configurable nature allows for multifaceted applications such as last-mile emergency cargo transport, air ambulance services, search and rescue missions, or functioning as an 1+Seven-passenger carrier. Bionica's offerings span from nature-inspired semi-blended box wing designs to an amphibious capability, featuring a SMART cabin environmental control system and futuristic safety features, available with both electric and internal combustion engine options.

How does your aircraft differ from existing competitors in the market?

This SMART aircraft stands out for its unparalleled acquisition and maintenance costs. Its state-of-the-art human-machine interface ensures versatility in control, comfort, and safety, offering a unique balance between passenger comfort, cargo capacity, and operational flexibility among similar-sized aircraft in the market.

What is the range and capacity of your aircraft?

The Piston engine version of this aircraft has a range of approximately 1,400 kilometres, while the electric engine variant has a range of approximately 500 kilometres with current battery technology.

What fuel efficiency does your aircraft offer?

Due to its aerodynamic shape and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven efficient control architecture, this aircraft can save up to 30% fuel per mission compared to similar conventional aircraft.

What safety features are incorporated into your aircraft design?

Notably, the inclusion of UAV functionality with semi-autonomous flight, anti-spin, TCAS, and AFCS can enhance safety and make air transportation a more fear-free experience. Onboard occupant health diagnostics elevate it to a sophisticated companion for discerning aircraft owners/operators.

When and Why was the company founded?

Bionica is a General Aviation (GA) start-up that emerged in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, forged from a collaboration between Johannes Kepler University (JKU) academics and industry experts, initially established as a research entity. Identifying critical gaps in modern manufacturing systems within the industry, the team shifted focus towards aircraft production, emphasizing the essential need for a robust manufacturing infrastructure to realize their pioneering designs.

Who are the key members of your team?

Our interdisciplinary team, spanning diverse expertise in aerospace, mechanical, electrical & electronic, simulation, AI, and finance, is dedicated to crafting a culturally aligned aircraft. Explore our team’s detailed profiles on our Team Page: https://bionica-aircraft.com/meet-the-crew

What are the investment opportunities available for individuals or organizations interested in Bionica Aircraft?

Bionica Aircraft is currently in the early stages of development and is not yet publicly traded. However, the company is actively seeking investment from individuals and organizations who share its vision for the future of general aviation. If you are interested in investing in Bionica Aircraft, you can contact the company directly “invest@bionica-aircraft.com” to express your interest. The company will then provide you with more information about its investment opportunities. Here are some of the ways that you can invest in Bionica Aircraft: a. Purchase equity shares in the company: This is the most direct way to invest in Bionica Aircraft. As a shareholder, you will have a stake in the company’s ownership and profits. b. Invest in a convertible note: A convertible note is a type of debt security that can be converted into equity shares of the company at a later date. This is a good option for investors who are interested in Bionica Aircraft but are not sure of the company’s long-term prospects. c. Provide venture capital funding: Venture capital is a type of funding that is provided to early-stage companies with high growth potential. If you are an experienced investor with a track record of success, you may be able to provide venture capital funding to Bionica Aircraft.

How can someone place a pre-order for your aircraft?

Bionica is thrilled to announce that pre-orders for our revolutionary aircraft, the “Exordium M1,” will soon be available. Stay tuned to our website for updates on the exact pre-order launch date and subscribe to our newsletter.

What is the delivery timeline for pre-orders?

Bionica anticipates the delivery of its first “Exordium M1” by 2028.

Are there any upcoming models or innovations in development?

Bionica is currently engaged in the development of an eight-seat amphibious utility platform, the “Exordium M1,” and is simultaneously pioneering ground-breaking innovative technologies for ornamenting its subsystems. Please visit our IPR page and stay tuned to our blog page to learn about our latest innovations.

What are your company's plans for future expansion or development?

Bionica is not just about creating an exceptional aircraft; it's about shaping the future of aviation. With a 5-year plan to establish the Smart Bionica Aviation City, Bionica envisions a comprehensive ecosystem for production, research and development, maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), aviation history and education, and training facilities. Additionally, the company is committed to introducing Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL), 2-seater and 19-seater derivatives of the Exordium M1, further expanding its product portfolio and solidifying its position as a household name in GA innovation. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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