Chief Verification Officer (CVO)

Guido is one of the founding members of Bionica and serves as a Chief Verification Engineer. As a student of mechatronics, he has gained an understanding of several fields of engineering with practical applications. He plays an active part in Bionica’s design analysis, CAD, FEM and CFD.


He is passionate about aerodynamics theory & applications, currently working with CFD and experimental data analysis for box wing configuration. He is also at home with data mining, machine learning and neural networks. He worked for almost a decade as a research engineer at Johannes Kepler University, Linz in the Institute of Mechatronic Design  & Production.


CAD, CAM and Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, Model-Based Systems Engineering System Engineering


BSc. in Mechatronic Engineering


• Ansys Simulation • Rapid-prototyping • Data Mining • ISO 9001 • Robotics and Autonomous Systems • Python Programing • AI Face Detection & Recognition System