Abrar is the IIoT Manager at Bionica and working with the company since its early stage. He has a strategic perspective on upcoming technologies and challenges while encompassing environment and habitat. He has developed outstanding problem-solving skills from interdisciplinary research projects that have led to commercial success.

He has extensive experience in working with IIoT and industrial automation. He is also an accomplished IT stack developer and consultant. He is actively working on developing AI modules, that are intended to enhance the effectiveness of existing software. Among the products he has designed smart switch, artificial noise cancellation system, vehicle tracking devices, advanced and intelligent fire safety device, industrial water quality monitoring and analysis system etc. which are available commercially. He also founded Stealth Tech and co-founded a futuristic technology-based aquaculture farm, Aqua Planet.

Abrar is a dedicated engineer for anything from domestic appliances to aerospace products. He spent his time on aeronautical research and development. This passion matches with Bionica and its founders’ manifestation and vision to create an innovative aeronautical solution that caters to emerging economies.


Hardware Security, VLSI, Embedded System, IIoT, Software Development


B.Sc. Electronics and Electrical Engineering (EEE)


• Artificial Intelligence • Academic and Experimental Research • Complex-Product Development • Project Management • Amateur Radio Operation • Software Development and Verification